How to Sell Bitcoins and Withdraw Money
Posted by CampBX Tech Support on 19 September 2012 05:12 PM

After you have received Bitcoins in your CampBX wallet, you need to follow these two steps to sell Bitcoins and withdraw cash.

1) Go to "Trade Now" screen and place a "Quick Sell" order to sell Bitcoins by providing the quantity to sell and your desired price. We allow you to stack multiple sell orders, so if you have 100 Bitcoins, you can sell 30 at one price and the remaining 70 at a different price simultaneously. Depending on how aggressive you are with the price, it can take anywhere from a few seconds to few hours for all the coins to sell out. Every sale deposits corresponding cash into your account.

2) Once all Bitcoins are sold, go to "Transfer -> Money" page to withdraw cash. We offer multiple options, but ACH is probably the most popular one. The instructions on the page will guide you through submitting a withdrawal request.

Once you get a hang of Quick Sell, you can explore advanced trading options including custom expiry dates, limit / market price, AON / FOK / Incremental fills, and much more. You can use following two links to learn more about how to use these options to your advantage and get maximum price for your Bitcoins:

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